Thursday, April 28, 2011

A video worth taking the time to watch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sublime Same in the End

who else like sublime out there song related

vid not related

last thoughts

staring blankly
I start to think
the range of my thoughts
quickly narrows and shrinks

the perpetual reminder
plays over and over again
like a scene from your worst nightmare
turns into what the mind can no longer contain

the respect and concern
I soon will observe
is no longer mutual
and possibly never deserved

contemplation of how to react
leaves me at no advantage
every decision seems rash
just one more thing i cant manage

looking to ease the pain
there's not much i can do
if only for one more time you'd say
I love you too

Sunday, September 26, 2010

finished yet another poem for you guys

this one is brand new so you all will be the fist to see it but im going to limit my poem posting to 1 a day so if im up at 12am EST then ill post

me and some friend will be working on filming a new skate video and ill keep posting updates about it on here
im not too sure of the date that we will actually be done with it but it should be done before our Arizona road trip in summer 2011

ps. green tea is the shit

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts of Never

Some things that seem to be forever
are soon forgotten over time
Placed aside by thoughts of never
thoughts that stay with the mind

Through arrogance and embarrassment
you seem to painfully dispose
Trying to maintain ease and content
the grief of disrepair shows
Not of your own mind
rather the mind of another
as before who's thoughts the same
but trying to ignore whats real
brings all thoughts to shame

You see the faults and try to hide
the truth so blatantly presented
But whats been done is now on your side
I will not fall to resentment

dreams are free

while conscious
i often think
why do i wake?
when i am free
in my dreams
even my worst nightmares
cant compare to reality
and its hateful embrace

i often dream
to escape from whats real
because my mind cant even think
anything worse then what i see
with my own two eyes

when i am free
in my dreams
not a care in the world
i am free from routine
and the criticism
of those ignorant
so why should i stay?
when freedom is one shot away

Friday, September 24, 2010

Without Senses

take my eyes so i cant see
the thing that pains my soul, to be
the sights that turned my life around
and watched it crumble to the ground

take my ears so i cant hear
the serenading sound i fear
the sound that once pleased me
but now haunts my memory

take my hands so i cant feel
the feeling that once was oh so real
what in your mind now is gone forever
what was better off being never

take my mouth so i cant speak
the stories that make me physically weak
to remember all these things you said
is now just chaos in my head

take my mind so i cant recall
the memories that first started it all
like scars, they stain within my brain
steadily making me insane

take my life so i cant live
the life that no one will ever forgive
because living without you is pointless you see
when i wanted it to be just you and me

forever and ever I will pray
that some how some way you take me away