Monday, September 27, 2010

last thoughts

staring blankly
I start to think
the range of my thoughts
quickly narrows and shrinks

the perpetual reminder
plays over and over again
like a scene from your worst nightmare
turns into what the mind can no longer contain

the respect and concern
I soon will observe
is no longer mutual
and possibly never deserved

contemplation of how to react
leaves me at no advantage
every decision seems rash
just one more thing i cant manage

looking to ease the pain
there's not much i can do
if only for one more time you'd say
I love you too


  1. followin 'n' supportin 'n' fappin bro :)

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  2. @blenderhead i wrote it as a poem but i guess you could make it lyrics

  3. I really did enjoy this poem. Looking forward to the next one.