Friday, September 24, 2010

Without Senses

take my eyes so i cant see
the thing that pains my soul, to be
the sights that turned my life around
and watched it crumble to the ground

take my ears so i cant hear
the serenading sound i fear
the sound that once pleased me
but now haunts my memory

take my hands so i cant feel
the feeling that once was oh so real
what in your mind now is gone forever
what was better off being never

take my mouth so i cant speak
the stories that make me physically weak
to remember all these things you said
is now just chaos in my head

take my mind so i cant recall
the memories that first started it all
like scars, they stain within my brain
steadily making me insane

take my life so i cant live
the life that no one will ever forgive
because living without you is pointless you see
when i wanted it to be just you and me

forever and ever I will pray
that some how some way you take me away