Saturday, September 25, 2010

dreams are free

while conscious
i often think
why do i wake?
when i am free
in my dreams
even my worst nightmares
cant compare to reality
and its hateful embrace

i often dream
to escape from whats real
because my mind cant even think
anything worse then what i see
with my own two eyes

when i am free
in my dreams
not a care in the world
i am free from routine
and the criticism
of those ignorant
so why should i stay?
when freedom is one shot away


  1. Dreaming will set you free, it's when you're awake that you're in prison.

  2. i like it man.
    i do spoken word poetry, you can check it out here:
    or on my blog.

  3. touching. check out my blog for more inspirational poems and the likes

  4. I am stealing this and it is going on my first album

  5. A very good poem, really liked it. Touching as Caroline said. Good work.