Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts of Never

Some things that seem to be forever
are soon forgotten over time
Placed aside by thoughts of never
thoughts that stay with the mind

Through arrogance and embarrassment
you seem to painfully dispose
Trying to maintain ease and content
the grief of disrepair shows
Not of your own mind
rather the mind of another
as before who's thoughts the same
but trying to ignore whats real
brings all thoughts to shame

You see the faults and try to hide
the truth so blatantly presented
But whats been done is now on your side
I will not fall to resentment


  1. Wish I knew how to do this kind of thing. Very nice job.

  2. awesome can't wait for more posts always following you mate
    keep it up

  3. Deep stuff, I hope you post more, yeah?

  4. This is good! i want to get into poetry one day..
    look up RUMI.. my favorite poet.!

  5. I suck at interpreting poetry... Still very well written

  6. Very cool post bro !