Sunday, September 26, 2010

finished yet another poem for you guys

this one is brand new so you all will be the fist to see it but im going to limit my poem posting to 1 a day so if im up at 12am EST then ill post

me and some friend will be working on filming a new skate video and ill keep posting updates about it on here
im not too sure of the date that we will actually be done with it but it should be done before our Arizona road trip in summer 2011

ps. green tea is the shit


  1. green tea for evaaaar :))

  2. Green Tea is tasty but I thought it was linked to weak bones and bad teeth...

  3. i dont know about all that
    i heard it cleans out your system cause of the antioxidants

  4. I've never heard about green tea and weak bones O_O I drink a lot of it too..